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If only your CPA does your taxes, you could be paying thousands more than you need to.


At tax time, wouldn’t it be nice to keep a lot more of your money?


At PiSyndicate, we do so much more!

On average, we find $10,000 or more in potential tax deductions others simply don’t know to look for.


Hold Onto More of Your Money

Get a Free No Obligation Tax Evaluation


Quickly Identify just how much more money you’ll be able to keep!

    • Meet with one of our experts who will guide you through an eye-opening self-assessment especially designed for business owners like you!
    • Together, we’ll identify your potential savings and you’ll learn about strategies to pay lower taxes.

Reduce your risk for an audit and lower the impact on your bottom line profit!

A forward Dash taxation strategy combined with smart consulting and accurate preparation is the answer.

After your tax evaluation, you’ll be given the opportunity to join PiSyndicate and select a plan based on the size and scope of your business. We’ll help you figure out which plan best fits your needs, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
Secure Mastermind-style coaching and expert advice at your fingertips

We’re different.

Business and tax services with real results.

The other guys say they’ll do the job fast and easy.
But, the cookie-cutter approach to business consulting and tax preparation simply doesn’t work.

Fast and easy means you could be paying thousands more at the end of the year.
Fast and easy means lost profits and incorrect investments.

Never feel alone, frustrated, or overwhelmed again.

We provide personalized service with professionals who always have your back.

Mastermind style education works!

Learn about investing and business development while keeping tax mitigation strategies in mind

Increasing your bottom line is why PiSyndicate exists!

We guarantee you’ll save more in taxes than our fees.
Every single time.

The PiSyndicate Mastermind Advantage:

You Benefit from our Network of Experts!

  • Learn from the combined decades of experience of our network of attorneys, CPAs, business strategists, marketing specialists, and technology experts


  • Gain exclusive access to strategies only multi millionaires and billionaires know


  • Learn the same tactics members of our team have used to make hundreds of millions of dollars


  • Learn business strategies that have made others tens of millions of dollars in profit for our members
    Access tax mitigation services once reserved only for multi-millionaires